Jan 21, 2021

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The Christmas Promise
By Janice Carter
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 216 Pages
January 1, 2021, by Harlequin Heartwarming

The Christmas season…

Is perfect for new beginnings

After a tragedy seventeen years ago, author Ella Jacobs never wanted to come back to Lighthouse Cove. Not to the whispered rumors, the judgment, or even to Ben Winters, the boy she loved. Now she’s returned in time for Christmas—and some much-needed closure. But old flames burn bright. Can Ella find her way back to Ben…or will the secrets of their past extinguish their love for good?

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Chapter 8, pg. 139 Suddenly she was pulling him toward the rink. “Let’s skate.” She was pointing to the small skate-rental booth.

Ben closed his eyes. Not a good idea. But how could he dampen the first signs of pure pleasure he’d seen in her? All too quickly they were sitting on a side bench and lacing up skates—something Ben hadn’t put on his feet since he was a kid, and even then, he’d only done so reluctantly. He’d never been into winter sports. Baseball and track had been his preferences in high school and college.

Ella grinned as he struggled with the laces. “See you out there.” She glided a few feet away, drew a tight circle, and disappeared into the crowd. Ben sighed and resumed lacing up. By the time he got onto the ice, Ella was still nowhere in sight. He slid one foot ahead and then the other, keeping within arm’s reach of the waist-high snow fence surrounding the rink. It wouldn’t support him if he slipped, but at least he wouldn’t topple onto the other skaters. He was jostled as a young boy about eleven or twelve whizzed past him. He must have heard wrong but thought the kid had said, “Sorry, Gramps.”

Gramps? He’d almost completed half a lap around when someone breezed up to him and tucked an arm around his—the arm windmilling at his side while the other extended to the fence, just in case.

“You made it!”

Ben risked a quick glance. “Made a fool of myself is more like it.”

“I take it skating isn’t on your list of favorite winter sports.”

“Nothing about sports is on my list of winter favorites.” They’d reached the benches where people were putting on or taking off skates.

“Funny, I never knew that about you.”

“And I never knew you were some kind of Olympic figure skater.”

That brought another laugh. “Not much ice-skating in the summer here.”

“True enough.” His eyes met hers for a long, thoughtful moment. He was wishing he had time to discover all the other unknown sides to Ella Jacobs.

About the Author

Writing has been a passion for Janice Carter since elementary school but her second career after teaching began with the publication of a Harlequin Intrigue, many years ago. Since then, she's been very lucky to be able to do what she enjoys most - writing about the connections between people, their families, and the places where they live. And of course, love is always at the heart of those connections.

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