Feb 25, 2020

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Audiobook Blog Tour: So Others May Live by Lee Hutch

Author: Lee Hutch

Narrator: Siobhan Dowd

Length: 8 hours 50 minutes

Publisher: Brady L. Hutchison

Released: Dec. 31, 2019

Genre: Historical Fiction

In the space of a single night, four lives collide as Berlin staggers under the weight of British bombs. Mick, a Lancaster pilot, proposed to Grace on his last leave but one more mission stands in between him and the end of his tour. Grace harbors a secret, one which she fears might change the nature of their relationship forever. Unsure of how he will respond, she has decided to tell him upon his return knowing that to do so risks losing him forever. Seven hundred miles away in Berlin, war-weary firefighter Karl is haunted by the images he's seen both on the home front and in Russia. Now he takes command of a group of teenage auxiliaries who find themselves on the front lines of Germany's defenses against a nightly rain of fire. On a call, he meets Ursula, a young woman who lives near his station. Karl quickly finds himself falling for her, unaware that she is playing a dangerous game, one which might place his own life in danger. As the raid unfolds, they face choices which will forever change them, and those they love.


Award-winning author Lee Hutch grew up on the Texas/Louisiana border. As a child, he enjoyed reading history books and hanging around fire stations. As an adult, he entered the fire service and worked as both a firefighter and then an arson investigator before an injury led to his retirement. Along the way, he picked up a BA and an MA in History and an MS in Criminal Justice. He now teaches history for a community college in Southeast Texas. He loves books, cats, boxing, the Red Sox, and the New Orleans Saints. His historical interests include the history of the fire service, particularly how firefighters have adapted to wartime conditions, the American Civil War, and the World Wars. When he's not in the classroom or in his office, Lee can be found reading or listening to either a Red Sox or a Saints game on the radio with his cat Anastasia. His next novel is set in the Civil War-era New York.
Narrator Bio

I record High-Quality Voiceover in variations of my native South London accent - I can offer both bright and enthusiastic commercial reads or a more laid back and enigmatic explainer style. I have lots of experience in Explainers, E-Learning, Commercials, Audiobooks, and more. I work in VO full time, and deliver high-quality audio from my fully equipped home recording in South West London, always including amends or pickups as needed to ensure complete client satisfaction. I use Source Connect or Cleanfeed for remote record-directed sessions and I can travel in and around London and the South East for studio-based jobs. Please have a look (and listen) around my site and get in touch by email, phone, or via social media if you’d like any more information on my services or to book a job.
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