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My Review Of Becoming Skye By Kelsie Stelting

I was given the opportunity by the author to read this book. I did not get a chance to read the first book but it didn't really take me long to catch on to what was actually going on with Skye. One thing that really bothered me in the book was the way her parents treated her I just didn't understand how they could treat her the way they did so that part was a little bit hard for me to understand I don't know if that's something I missed in the first book or what, but they were really not decent to her at all. I would say probably 75% of the book she was grounded. I did enjoy how the book ended how she overcame the battle that she had with a classmate in school, and overcame being hurt by a guy she thought was supposed to be her boyfriend but he just stopped, texting, or trying to get a hold of her in anyway he could, since her mother had broke her phone. 

So at the end when he finds out that she's dating a very nice gentleman that she met at a party he doesn't like it very well, but she told him she was leaving it as friends between them. She went to graduation and watched her senior friends graduate which was hard for her but knew that she was going to be there next year doing the same thing. She felt that her life was finally looking up, she had meant the right guy and things were going so much better than they ever had before. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes teen and young adult books. I thoroughly enjoyed this book very much, even without having read the first book. Thank you very much Kelsie for this opportunity to read and review your book. Stay tuned because there is more to come. Becoming Skye will be available to purchase on August 13th.

Kelsie Stelting grew up in the middle of nowhere. (Also known as western Kansas.) Her rural upbringing taught her how to get her hands dirty and work hard for what she believes in. Plus, not having neighbors in a 10-mile radius as a child and traveling the world as an adult made her develop a pretty active imagination. Kelsie loves writing honest fiction that readers can vacation in, as well as traveling, volunteering, ice cream, loving on her family, and soaking up just a little too much sun wherever she can find it.

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