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From The Desk Of Author Kelsie Stelting

These last couple of weeks have been AMAZING. I've written book two in Skye's story, Becoming Skye. It's with the proofreader right now, and I'm planning to release it mid August! If you haven't read Lonesome Skye yet, you can click here and start now so you're ready when book two comes around! :)

Here's a sneak peek at the cover for book two!

In other news, LARGE PRINT IS FORTHCOMING! It's a huge aim of mine to be more accessible to all readers, starting with large print. Eventually, I plan to have audio done for all of my work as well. Right now, Raising the West is available in large print, and the rest of my books are soon to follow.
If you're looking for some sweet deals on summer reading, several young adult romance books will be free or discounted to 99 cents! You can get them here.
This writing thing is my dream, and I'm so happy you're with me every step of the way.
Lots of love,
Kelsie Stelting


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