May 17, 2018

Taking A Day Or Two Off For Remodeling Of My Theme

I do apologize for the inconvenience this may cause with posting some new books, etc. But I have to get some problems worked out on this theme before I continue to keep posting. Thank you for understanding and have a great weekend. 


Sandee said...

It's hard to find the right theme sometimes. I think I've done so with WordPress though. I love it.

Have a fabulous day, Jody. ♥

Jody's Free Books & Cute Photos said...

It was that for too me with Wordpress. I found one and I love it. But man Blogger anymore you have to buy them to get the hidden codes out of them. I finally got off of the free on at Wordpress too, and I am happy so far. It's prettier themes over there. Have a wonderful weekend. Are you still on your cruise with your club, oh heck your probably back by now duh, lol!

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