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New Free Kindle & KU Books Posted For 05-20-18 📚

Alien Kid

by Kristen Otte
Childrens & Middle Grade

What happens when a mind-reading alien goes to middle school? Charlie Baker is the new kid at school. He looks like any other kid, but he's far from it, and somehow he has to fit in and not reveal his secret. Can he do it?
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Deadly Journey

by Declan Conner

DEA Agent Kurt Rawlings has made a lot of enemies in his successful career, sending hundreds of criminals to prison. But now he's the one in captivity, snatched in El Paso by assassins but taken and smuggled into Mexico by a cartel that wants him alive—for now. Hoping to survive and reunite with his family, he needs to escape before his usefulness expires.
Was: $3.99   Right Now: FREE!

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The Ghost

by H. Berkeley Rourke

WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO CATCH THE GHOST? Detective Jeanne de Leon is on the case, wading through a campus cover up and the layers of lies that have followed. What will she uncover in this tangled web? How will it all end?
Was: $2.99   Right Now: FREE!

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Alexander: Memoirs

by May Freighter

Alexander lives his life for two reasons: to protect his mother and keep his one-sided love for Katharine hidden. He is a servant, incapable of reaching the top of the social ladder without help. Chances like that come at a cost, and he is more than willing to pay for it.
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Loving Ashe

by Liz Durano
Contemporary Fiction

A booty call. A stuck elevator. A chance to fall in love again. Three years after her ex-boyfriend left her to pursue his Hollywood dream, barista Riley Eames is still haunted by questions only he can answer. So when he asks to meet her for a booty call, she reluctantly agrees - only to get stuck in the hotel elevator with British actor, Ashe Hunter. He's gorgeous, polite, and before the night is over, smitten with the woman who has no idea who he is.
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Nerd Love

by H.T. Night
Teen & Young Adult

In NERD LOVE, thirteen-year-old Cody tries to work things out with Sarah, the love of his young life. But he's starting to get overwhelmed with school activities, other girls in hot pursuit, and his nemesis, Anthony, who vies for Sarah's affections. Everything seems like it might be recoverable with Sarah until Cody has a meltdown at school and realizes the source of his biggest problem.
Was: $0.99   Right Now: FREE!

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